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The Ins and Outs of Umbrella Insurance

There are many ways to protect yourself, your assets, and your loved ones through various insurance policies. But what if the coverage limits on the policies you have aren’t quite enough? To have additional protection, you’ll need an umbrella insurance policy, and if you’re in the Tucson, AZ area, the trusted professionals at The Insurance House can help you get a policy that meets your needs. Then, you’ll have additional coverage and plenty of peace of mind.

It’s important to know that an umbrella policy isn’t designed to cover just one specific aspect of your life or any particular asset. It’s not like life, car, or homeowners insurance. Instead, it’s a policy that’s used after the limits of your other policy have been exhausted. If you have a claim higher than your car insurance’s limits, for example, you can use your umbrella policy to cover the rest of it. These policies aren’t just for people with many assets, as they can offer significant protection to nearly everyone.

Policies aren’t typically challenging to get and are highly valuable when you need them most. If you’re unsure whether this kind of coverage would be right for you, working with a trusted agent can help you make an informed decision. Then, you’ll know whether you should choose a smaller or larger policy, the specifics of what it will cover in your situation, and how it protects your interests.

If you’re in the Tucson, AZ area and interested in an umbrella insurance policy, contact us at The Insurance House today, and let’s talk about your policy needs. We’ll answer your questions and help you find the right insurance to protect you and give you a feeling of security for the future.

Why You Should Purchase Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a form of liability coverage that protects policyholders from liability claims exceeding their current coverage. Anyone in need of umbrella insurance who lives in or around the Tucson, AZ, area can count on The Insurance House to provide superior insurance products and customer service to meet their needs.

Umbrella Insurance Protection 

Umbrella insurance offers protection against liability claims for individuals with specific circumstances requiring more liability coverage than their current home policy provides. The situations may result from particular hazards or potential risks associated with the location or features of the property. Clients may need clarification on whether their situation warrants umbrella insurance, but if it does, a professional insurance agent can outline an umbrella policy’s potential risks and benefits. Anyone interested in purchasing umbrella insurance or asking whether it is suitable for their needs should consult an insurance professional.

Our agents can work closely with each client to determine their current situation and assess their liability coverage needs. If umbrella insurance is necessary, they can help outline coverage levels and policies to meet those needs. Our agents can also help submit documentation and information to acquire the policy, help with any changes to the policy, and submit documentation for claims. We are committed to assisting customers with insight and support before, during, and after the policy purchase.

Reach Out Today 

Residents of the Tucson, AZ, area can count on The Insurance House to give them the options and insurance products they need to have peace of mind. Call or stop by our office today to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members. They can assist with providing information and the shopping process to ensure you get essential coverage to prevent liability and losses.

What Are the Benefits of Umbrella Insurance?

No one likes to think about what could go wrong, but it’s essential to be prepared for the worst. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in. If you live in Tucson, AZ, and are looking for umbrella insurance, The Insurance House can help.

Here are some of the benefits of umbrella insurance:

Provide Additional Coverage

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage beyond your homeowners, auto, or watercraft policy limits. It offers protection against claims that may be excluded by your other policies, such as libel, slander, certain business-related liabilities, and damage to rental property.

Umbrella insurance can also provide coverage for situations that may not be covered by your other policies, such as injuries sustained while participating in hazardous activities. In addition, umbrella insurance can help to protect your assets if you are sued. While umbrella insurance is not required, you’ll live knowing that you and your assets are protected.

Comes With Rider Benefits

Umbrella insurance policies often come with riders or additional benefits that can further protect you. For example, an umbrella insurance policy includes a personal injury rider which provides coverage for certain medical expenses, legal fees, and lost wages if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Riders can vary from policy to policy, so it’s important to talk to your insurance agent about what riders are available and which ones make sense.

Protects Your Future Earnings

Umbrella insurance can also protect your future earnings. If you are sued and found liable for damages exceeding your other policies’ limits, your future earnings may be at risk. Umbrella insurance can protect your future earnings by providing additional coverage beyond the limits of your other policies.

If you’re looking for umbrella insurance in Tucson, AZ, The Insurance House can help. Contact us to learn more about our umbrella insurance policies and how we can help you protect your assets.

Considering umbrella insurance for your AZ business?

Residents in the greater Tucson, AZ area can count on The Insurance House for all of their commercial insurance needs. If you own a local business and want to ensure that you have the right coverage, schedule a consultation today!

Benefits of commercial umbrella insurance

The most significant benefit of commercial umbrella insurance is the additional protection that it provides. Commercial and property insurance policies typically come with policy limits. This means that once your limit is reached and the policy is exhausted, the business owners are likely responsible for any additional losses.

When there is an umbrella policy in place, it moves into the primary position when the commercial policy is maxed out. Therefore, when there is an umbrella policy in place, coverage can shift seamlessly from the original commercial policy to the umbrella policy.

If you are unsure if your current commercial policy provides the coverage your company needs, now is a perfect time to review your policy. As a company grows and becomes more valuable, it is quite common that its insurance needs will also grow. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your business doesn’t have the protection it needs!

Meeting with your local agent is an effective way to review your current coverage and compare it to your current needs. In fact, we find it advisable for business owners to have an insurance portfolio review at least once a year.

Don’t delay, protect your business today!

The Insurance House team is here to help the business community of Tucson, AZ with all of its insurance needs. If you would like to find out more about the commercial insurance options available in our area, call and schedule a consultation today.

Why do you need umbrella insurance in Tucson?

Those that live in the Tucson, AZ area are going to have a variety of insurance needs. While you will benefit from coverage that can protect your most important assets, you also need to ensure that you have proper liability insurance protection. When you want to improve your personal insurance situation, getting an umbrella insurance plan would be a great option. There are a few reasons why you need to get this coverage.

Protection Against Major Accident Risk

Most people will get liability insurance through their home and auto insurance plans. In the majority of cases, there will be enough coverage under these plans to handle any claims. However, if there is ever a very significant insurance claim, it’s possible it could exceed your policy. When you get an umbrella insurance plan, it will provide the coverage needed to cover damages that exceed your other insurance plans.

Protection Against Risks Not Otherwise Covered

A home or auto insurance plan will cover many liability risks, but they are not completely inclusive. This means that you could be named in a liability claim that is not covered by these policies. Fortunately, you can get an umbrella insurance plan that will provide the general coverage you need to mitigate your personal liability insurance risks that are not otherwise covered. 

When you are looking for an insurance plan and are in the Tucson, AZ area, you should speak with The Insurance House. The insurance team with The Insurance House knows how valuable the umbrella insurance plan is. The team here can give you the insight that is designed to meet your needs. This can ensure that you are properly covered for liability and make you feel secure about your liability limits.


Do I need umbrella insurance in Tucson?

Most people that live in the Tucson, AZ area will have a variety of personal insurance policies. One advantage of getting these insurance policies, which can include home and auto insurance, is that they will provide you with liability coverage. For those that are looking for more liability insurance, getting an umbrella insurance policy can be a good idea. There are several reasons why getting this type of insurance could be a good idea for you.

More Protection is Needed

One reason that you may need to get umbrella insurance is if you want more insurance protection. Someone that gets home and auto insurance will receive some liability insurance. However, if there is ever an extensive accident, you will have to come out of pocket if it exceeds your policy limit. In these situations, the additional umbrella coverage will provide protection on top of your base policies. 

Coverage for More Situations

Home and auto insurance policies will provide you with coverage for a lot of situations that could come with liability risk. While this is an important coverage, it does not cover all situations that could come with liability risk. For those that want more coverage, getting an umbrella policy is a good idea as it will cover far more situations. 

If you believe that getting an umbrella insurance policy is right for you and you are in the Tucson, AZ area, you should speak with the team at The Insurance House. Picking an umbrella insurance policy can be a complicated process. To ensure that you are aware of all of your options, The Insurance House will work with you through the entire process. Our team here can answer any questions that you have to ensure you pick the right policy that meets your needs. 

Umbrella Insurance Coverage: Luxury or Need?

Insurance is designed to protect your most important assets, such as your home, vehicle, boat, and other valuables. When purchasing your policies, don’t underestimate the coverage that umbrella insurance has to offer. Umbrella insurance provides extra liability protection to safeguard your assets against accidents at home or on the road. Here’s what an umbrella policy from The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ has to offer.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work? 

Umbrella insurance is additional liability insurance on top of your auto, home or renter’s liability coverage. In fact, you cannot purchase an umbrella policy unless you have other liability coverage already in place.

Liability insurance pays for injuries or damage to others in accidents that are your fault. Standard home, auto, boat or renter’s liability insurance has limits for the protection it provides. If you cause an accident where injuries or damage exceeds these limits, umbrella insurance will cover excess costs. Umbrella insurance kicks in where your other liability coverage leaves off, protecting your assets against financial loss.

Who Can Benefit from Umbrella Coverage?

If you’re wondering if umbrella insurance is for you, imagine the consequences of being sued for a mishap at home or on the road. A major lawsuit could deplete your savings or retirement funds or force you to sell your home in an effort to cover legal or settlement costs. Umbrella insurance protects these and other financial assets such as investment accounts or future income against unforeseen accidents that can lead to financial ruin. If you have substantial assets, you can greatly benefit from the protection that umbrella insurance has to offer.

To learn more about umbrella insurance or to obtain an umbrella policy, call or visit us at The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ. We’ll help you determine the amount and scope of coverage you need to protect your assets.

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