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Auto insurance add-ons to consider

Everyone is pretty much aware of the three main types of coverage included in a traditional full-coverage auto policy. This is a liability, which is mandated, collision, and comprehensive. Our team of independent insurance agents at The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ ensures that all of our customers get a personalized auto insurance policy that includes any add-ons that make it the right one for you. 

Gap Coverage

If you have a newer vehicle and an auto loan, you might find that you owe more than the insurance will pay for the vehicle if you have an accident. Having gap coverage will help to fill in the gap between what you owe and what you get. 

Full glass coverage

Your comprehensive coverage usually includes glass coverage. But, you will need to pay the deductible, which can be $500. With full glass coverage, you don’t have to pay the deductible. It makes it much easier to go ahead and get it repaired. 

Rental coverage

Rental coverage will provide you with a rental car if your auto is damaged and needs repair or is totaled after an accident you are responsible for or where there is no fault. No deductible is charged, and it can be a lifesaver. This is not coverage for a vacation rental. 

Roadside service coverage

When you think about the type of coverage you get from auto club coverage, this is very much the same thing but at a more affordable price. It can provide a tow if you have a breakdown, charge you if your car doesn’t start, and change a tire for you. 

When you are considering a change of carrier or agent and live in the general Tucson, AZ, area, our team at The Insurance House is here to help. Give us a call today. 

Does Tucson, AZ Auto Insurance Cover Sandstorm Damage?

Tucson, AZ is a gorgeous place to live, with 300 days of sunshine and a rich array of beautiful landscapes, like the nearby Santa Catalina Mountains. However, the landscapes that make this city and state so pretty also create the conditions right for damaging natural events like sandstorms, also called dust storms or haboobs. 

How Dust Storms Damage Cars

Dust storms can be horribly damaging to vehicles, causing issues like:

  • Paint damage
  • Windshield damage
  • Physical damage to the exterior, like dents 
  • Mechanical damage to the engine 
  • Electrical damage 

Getting Auto Insurance for Sandstorm Coverage

It is important to note that not all types of auto insurance will cover sandstorm damage. For example, if you have collision insurance, your policy will cover damages caused by an automobile accident. However, you can get sandstorm damage covered with an auto policy if you get a comprehensive auto insurance policy that lists this as one of the types of natural disasters covered. 

As with any auto insurance policy, the best way to ensure you get the protection you want is to consult a friendly insurance agent like ours at The Insurance House. We will work with you to get the exact type of coverage you want and need and go over all the policy’s terms and conditions so that you know exactly what your premium payments are going towards. 

Learn More With The Insurance House

Whether you are looking to insure a car you just bought or are shopping for more affordable options, our team at The Insurance House is here. Call us today to learn more about auto insurance options and get the best one for your Tucson, AZ household. 

Essential Tips for Keeping Your Car Safe in Desert Heat

The summer months can be difficult for car owners, especially if you live in Tucson, AZ with our harsh desert heat. With that said, taking some simple precautions can keep your car safe and in good condition during the hot months. The Insurance House has compiled some essential tips for keeping your car safe in the desert heat.

Regularly Check Tires and Fluids

The hot temperatures of the desert can cause tires to wear more quickly, so checking their pressure regularly and replacing them when needed is essential. Additionally, keeping the car’s fluids full is necessary to ensure the engine is running correctly and the vehicle can handle any bumps or obstacles in the road. Driving through the desert with low or dirty fluids can cause the car to overheat or malfunction, leading to expensive repairs.

Park in Shaded Areas

Parking in shaded areas is vital to protect your vehicle from the sun’s rays. The sun can cause your car’s interior to become very hot and uncomfortable, making it difficult to drive safely. Additionally, the sun can fade your car’s paint job, causing it to age prematurely.

Utilize Reflective Window Covers

Reflective window covers can help keep your car’s interior cool by reflecting the sun’s rays away from your vehicle. This can help reduce the need for air conditioning, saving energy, and money. Covers can also provide additional privacy, making your car less visible to those outside.

The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ is the perfect place to get auto insurance. We offer various coverage options to meet your needs and budget. Let us show you how we can help you with your auto insurance needs today.

Auto insurance FAQs

At The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ, we have provided exceptional customer service since 1963. Though we have grown, we still offer the personalized service that our customers have come to expect. We will be there with you from when you get your policy to any help you need with claims you may have. 

What auto insurance is mandated in Arizona?

In Arizona, you are required to have liability insurance. The required minimum is 25/50/15. This means $25,000 for injuries to a single person, with a total for the accident of $50,000. Property damage coverage is required to be $15,000. If, however, you have an auto loan or are leasing your vehicle, you will be required to have more collision and comprehensive coverage to protect the car. 

Does my auto insurance cover anyone who drives my vehicle?

The insurance is on the vehicle, not the driver. However, the driver must have your permission to drive the car. If someone is driving with your consent and has an accident, your insurance will be the one that provides the coverage. The driver’s insurance will only be used if the injuries are more than what you have coverage for. 

Can I keep my adult children on my policy?

It should not be a problem if your adult children live at home. It should also be okay if they’re away at college and have not changed their primary address. It should be covered if you have provided them with the vehicle and are still insuring it. But, always check your policy and give your insurance agent a call to be sure they are covered. 

Contact The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ with any questions or concerns about auto insurance. We will gladly provide a no-obligation quote. 

Is Auto Insurance Required in Arizona?

Arguably one of the most beautiful states in the southwest, Arizona has views, scenery, and gorgeous sites that go on for miles. Taking a road trip through Arizona is a memorable way to see the state – but making sure you have auto insurance first is the smartest way to approach driving. 

If you’re a Tucson, AZ resident and you need auto insurance, The Insurance House is here to help. Keep reading for some important information on auto insurance in Arizona. 

In the state of Arizona, all drivers are required to carry liability insurance to drive legally. Liability insurance ensures that in the event of an accident, any damage done to the other driver’s vehicle, as well as their medical bills, are covered. 

However, auto insurance can offer much more protection than this. If you have family, including new teen drivers, you may be interested in a full-coverage plan that offers a higher level of protection for your most important loved ones.

In order to ensure you and your family feel safe on the road, investing in an adequate auto insurance policy is highly recommended by The Insurance House. Many policies out there may seem to be enough, but they’ll wind up costing you much more long term as they don’t provide the coverage you really need. 

The best advice we can give you is to find a reliable agent to work with, who has experience in the insurance field and can appropriately advise you on what kinds of coverage will really suit your lifestyle, driving habits, and family. 

Enjoy the scenery in Tucson, AZ without worrying about your financial situation if you get in an accident. Contact us today! 

Required Auto Insurance in Arizona

When you have a car in Arizona, it’s important to insure it for your protection as well as the protection of others. It’s also legally required to have this coverage, so don’t go without it. If you need auto insurance, call us at The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ. 

Bodily Injury Liability

In Arizona, your auto insurance must have a specific amount of coverage for one person who is injured in an accident that you are liable for. It also has another amount required for everyone who is injured in an accident. These coverage amounts are relatively low, however, so it’s a good idea to consider raising this coverage or getting an umbrella policy to supplement it.

Property Damage Liability

There is a small amount required for property damage liability. Like the bodily injury coverage, it’s a good idea to get more of this than is required. If you were to have an accident with an expensive car, the required amount of coverage may not be enough to pay for all of the damage. 

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury  

With this coverage, an accident that you have with an uninsured motorist can still be paid for. It will pay for your medical bills if someone else is responsible for an accident and they do not have insurance to pay for those bills. This includes a minimum amount of coverage for one person injured in the accident and a higher amount required for everyone who becomes injured. 

Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury

A driver may have insurance, but it may not be enough to pay for all the damage and medical bills. With underinsured motorist protection, you will have a minimum amount of coverage for one person insured as well as another amount in protection for everyone who was injured. 

Get Your Auto Insurance

To get your required auto insurance, contact us at The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ.

Why should I get an auto insurance plan?

The Tucson, AZ area continues to be a great place for people to visit or move to and call home. There will always be a lot that you can enjoy in the city and surrounding areas when you live here. As you are looking for ways to get around, buying a car is a great option. Along with your vehicle purchase, you also need to pick a new insurance plan. There are a few reasons that you should get auto insurance when you are here. 

Insurance is a Legal Requirement

A primary reason to get an auto insurance plan is that it is a legal requirement. Those that live in this state need to abide by state rules surrounding auto insurance. Anyone that wants to drive a car here needs to get a full liability auto insurance plan. This coverage gives comfort that you will pay for damages if you cause some during an accident.

Insurance Protects Car

While having an auto insurance plan is important to ensure that you stay in compliance with state law, you should also get one to protect your car. Those who have decided to buy a car will make a major investment that they need to protect. When you get a full auto insurance plan with collision and comprehensive coverage, you will have the protection needed to repair or replace your vehicle following an accident.

Those who would like to get an auto insurance plan in the Tucson, AZ area should speak with the Insurance House team. When you call The Insurance House, you will get the support needed to choose a policy. This will ensure your car is protected and you are in full insurance compliance. 

Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent When Shopping For Auto Insurance

Asking questions when you are shopping for auto insurance is important because it helps to save your money and time. Therefore, do not hesitate to discuss the policy with your agent and ask as many questions as you need. The Insurance House, serving clients from Tucson, AZ, recommends asking the following questions before signing an agreement: 

What Coverage Should I Get?

Since everyone’s situation is different, it is one of the most important questions to ask. You should also ask about the coverage limits – the maximum amount that your insurance policy will cover. Make sure that your coverage limits are enough, so you will not have to pay a lot out of pocket if something happens. 

Are There Any Discounts? 

Do not hesitate to ask about the available discounts. Most insurance companies have them, which allows you to save a lot of money. The most common discounts are safety features, safe driver, paid-in-full, good students, and others. 

What is My Deductible? 

Before your insurance kicks in, there is a certain amount that you have to pay out of pocket. It is called a deductible. The cost of your insurance depends on the deductible you have. If you want to save some money and pay lower premiums, then you should get higher deductibles. 

What Will Be Covered In Case Of An Accident? 

Be sure to get the specifics on what will be covered if you are involved in an accident. Even though it is unpleasant to think about such an unfortunate situation, you need to discuss it in advance to be prepared and to know what to expect. 

If you are a car owner living in Tucson, AZ and you are looking for auto insurance for your vehicle, The Insurance House is the company you can trust. Whatever questions you have, our experienced agents are ready to answer them and provide you with the detailed information you need. We do our best to find an insurance policy that will suit your needs. Give us a call today – we will be happy to assist you!

Avoid These Common Winter Auto Claims

Winter weather means snow, ice, and other challenges when you travel out of the temperate Tuscon area. If you are heading out to a part of the country that may present winter weather hazards, take precautions to avoid these common winter auto claims. These tips from The Insurance House can help protect your car and, perhaps, your safety.

1. Ice on the roads

Ice is actually more dangerous on the road than snow. Be sure that your tires are in good shape and properly inflated before you head out. If you know that the roads are icy, stay well below the speed limit to stay safe. If you hit a slick patch and start skidding, don’t slam on your brakes or jerk the steering wheel. Instead, just ease off the gas and gently steer into the skid.

2. Falling branches and tree limbs

Tree limbs and branches can become weighed down by snow and ice. Avoid parking your car underneath trees if at all possible to prevent tree branches from falling on your car. 

3. Collisions

When driving in snow and ice, you don’t only need to look out for yourself, you have to watch for other people as well. Pay close attention to other drivers and allow for extra stopping distance between your car and those of others. Stay well under the speed limit and be extra attentive in icy intersections to avoid collisions with other drivers. 

Despite your best efforts, sometimes things happen that are out of your control. If you have a winter weather-related problem with your car and you need to file a claim, contact the helpful folks at The Insurance House in Tuscon, Arizona. We will be glad to answer your questions and help you file a claim.

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