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Does Tucson, AZ Auto Insurance Cover Sandstorm Damage?

Tucson, AZ is a gorgeous place to live, with 300 days of sunshine and a rich array of beautiful landscapes, like the nearby Santa Catalina Mountains. However, the landscapes that make this city and state so pretty also create the conditions right for damaging natural events like sandstorms, also called dust storms or haboobs. 

How Dust Storms Damage Cars

Dust storms can be horribly damaging to vehicles, causing issues like:

  • Paint damage
  • Windshield damage
  • Physical damage to the exterior, like dents 
  • Mechanical damage to the engine 
  • Electrical damage 

Getting Auto Insurance for Sandstorm Coverage

It is important to note that not all types of auto insurance will cover sandstorm damage. For example, if you have collision insurance, your policy will cover damages caused by an automobile accident. However, you can get sandstorm damage covered with an auto policy if you get a comprehensive auto insurance policy that lists this as one of the types of natural disasters covered. 

As with any auto insurance policy, the best way to ensure you get the protection you want is to consult a friendly insurance agent like ours at The Insurance House. We will work with you to get the exact type of coverage you want and need and go over all the policy’s terms and conditions so that you know exactly what your premium payments are going towards. 

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Whether you are looking to insure a car you just bought or are shopping for more affordable options, our team at The Insurance House is here. Call us today to learn more about auto insurance options and get the best one for your Tucson, AZ household. 

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