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What are the pros and cons of obtaining life insurance?

Having and maintaining life insurance can be a topic of contention. While some may deem it unnecessary, others may see it as a way to exploit the vulnerable population. Both statements can be accurate, but the truth is that life insurance can help you in various ways and is essentially the better option, as opposed to going without coverage.

First, examine the need for life insurance. Simply put, if someone depends on you for their care, you should consider searching for a policy. You first must know what to expect. What sort of negative or positive aspects will you encounter? In the event of your untimely passing, life insurance can be a saving grace for your family.

There are several pros and cons to having a life insurance policy. Some pros include tax-free payouts for your dependents, your family can obtain the funds to take care of their expenses, and your final expenses should be covered. Cons include the added expense; the issues that can arise as far as age and other factors; and the confusing jargon that is often used – it becomes easier for customers to become befuddled during the life insurance purchasing process. But there is help available.

The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ has the expertise to assist you in navigating your life insurance policy. With several years of life insurance know-how, the Insurance House will present you with your options and help you figure out what will work best for your situation. Contact the Insurance House in Tucson, AZ today and make the critical decision to protect your family and yourself for years to come.

Get the Scoop on Being a Bonded Business in Arizona

Arizona is a great state to form and operate a business. The state offers many benefits for businesses, including a favorable tax climate and a variety of business-friendly laws. But what does it mean to be a bonded business in Tucson, AZ? The Insurance House is here to give you the scoop!

What Does a Bonded Business Mean?

As a business owner, it’s essential to understand the requirements and benefits of being bonded. In short, bonding is a type of insurance that protects businesses and consumers from financial loss if a company fails to deliver on its promises. In Arizona, a few different types of business bonds may be required, depending on the type of business you operate. These include bonds for residential contractors and commercial contractors.

What Are the Benefits of Being Bonded?

There are many benefits of being a bonded business. Perhaps the most crucial advantage is that it provides financial protection for the company if something goes wrong and the business cannot deliver on the promised work. This can provide peace of mind and help businesses avoid financial ruin. Additionally, bonding can help the company obtain contracts and work with other businesses, showing that the trader is trustworthy and has the necessary financial backing to complete the work.

What Happens If I’m Not Bonded?

Suppose your business is not bonded, and you fail to meet your obligations to your customer. Without a bond protecting your business, you may have to pay out of pocket for all the expenses resulting from litigation and the significant hit to your reputation. The customer may also sue the business for breach of contract. The customer may file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General’s office in that case.

The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ offers bond insurance. If your business needs bonds or any other commercial insurance, reach out to us for a quote today! We are a full-service insurance agency experienced in providing quality insurance products to our clients.

What Are the Benefits of Umbrella Insurance?

No one likes to think about what could go wrong, but it’s essential to be prepared for the worst. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in. If you live in Tucson, AZ, and are looking for umbrella insurance, The Insurance House can help.

Here are some of the benefits of umbrella insurance:

Provide Additional Coverage

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage beyond your homeowners, auto, or watercraft policy limits. It offers protection against claims that may be excluded by your other policies, such as libel, slander, certain business-related liabilities, and damage to rental property.

Umbrella insurance can also provide coverage for situations that may not be covered by your other policies, such as injuries sustained while participating in hazardous activities. In addition, umbrella insurance can help to protect your assets if you are sued. While umbrella insurance is not required, you’ll live knowing that you and your assets are protected.

Comes With Rider Benefits

Umbrella insurance policies often come with riders or additional benefits that can further protect you. For example, an umbrella insurance policy includes a personal injury rider which provides coverage for certain medical expenses, legal fees, and lost wages if you are injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Riders can vary from policy to policy, so it’s important to talk to your insurance agent about what riders are available and which ones make sense.

Protects Your Future Earnings

Umbrella insurance can also protect your future earnings. If you are sued and found liable for damages exceeding your other policies’ limits, your future earnings may be at risk. Umbrella insurance can protect your future earnings by providing additional coverage beyond the limits of your other policies.

If you’re looking for umbrella insurance in Tucson, AZ, The Insurance House can help. Contact us to learn more about our umbrella insurance policies and how we can help you protect your assets.

Auto insurance FAQs

At The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ, we have provided exceptional customer service since 1963. Though we have grown, we still offer the personalized service that our customers have come to expect. We will be there with you from when you get your policy to any help you need with claims you may have. 

What auto insurance is mandated in Arizona?

In Arizona, you are required to have liability insurance. The required minimum is 25/50/15. This means $25,000 for injuries to a single person, with a total for the accident of $50,000. Property damage coverage is required to be $15,000. If, however, you have an auto loan or are leasing your vehicle, you will be required to have more collision and comprehensive coverage to protect the car. 

Does my auto insurance cover anyone who drives my vehicle?

The insurance is on the vehicle, not the driver. However, the driver must have your permission to drive the car. If someone is driving with your consent and has an accident, your insurance will be the one that provides the coverage. The driver’s insurance will only be used if the injuries are more than what you have coverage for. 

Can I keep my adult children on my policy?

It should not be a problem if your adult children live at home. It should also be okay if they’re away at college and have not changed their primary address. It should be covered if you have provided them with the vehicle and are still insuring it. But, always check your policy and give your insurance agent a call to be sure they are covered. 

Contact The Insurance House in Tucson, AZ with any questions or concerns about auto insurance. We will gladly provide a no-obligation quote. 

Do I Need Watercraft Insurance for my Jetski in Tucson, AZ?

In Tucson, AZ, you are not required to have watercraft insurance for your jet ski. However, it is still a good idea to have coverage in case of an accident. Here are some things to consider when making your decision about whether to purchase watercraft insurance:

Repair and Replacement Costs

If you get in an accident, you will be responsible for your jet ski’s repair or replacement cost. Your insurer may cover all or some of these expenses if you have insurance. A representative from The Insurance House can help you determine how much coverage you need for your jet ski.

Medical Coverage

If you or a passenger are injured in an accident, you may be responsible for medical bills. These expenses can add up quickly, so it is crucial to have adequate coverage. Watercraft insurance can help cover these costs and give you peace of mind while you are enjoying the Tucson sun.

Liability Coverage

If you are found at fault in an accident, you could be sued for the other person’s injuries and property damage. Watercraft insurance can help protect you financially if they sue you. A lawsuit endangers your bank account and personal assets, such as your home or savings account.

It can also affect your future earnings. If you are sued and lose, the court could order you to pay the other person’s medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The Insurance House offers watercraft insurance for jet skis and other personal watercraft. We can help you find the right coverage for your needs. Call us today to learn more.

3 Reasons to Get Flood Insurance Today

If you live in the Tucson, AZ area you probably don’t think about floods too much. But living in the desert doesn’t mean you’ll never be subjected to a flood at your home. By working with The Insurance House, you can get the flood insurance you need to protect what’s important to you. There are many great reasons to choose an insurance policy that meets your needs. Here are three of the most important reasons to reach out for a flood policy today.

1. Anywhere It Can Rain, It Can Flood

Even deserts can have flooding problems. Most of the year, it may seem dry and arid, but the monsoon season or an unexpected storm can cause issues you’d much rather avoid. Being protected and prepared is essential, even for people in drier climates.

2. Peace of Mind is Very Important

The right flood policy can help you feel confident and secure when taking good care of your home and family. It’s a good idea to periodically review all your insurance documents and add or increase anything that needs to be adjusted.

3. Homeowners’ Policies Don’t Include Flood Insurance

Your standard homeowners’ insurance policy is important for protecting your home, but it’s not going to cover flooding in most cases. You’ll need a separate policy for that, and your agent can help you determine whether you have coverage for floods.

If you want to ensure you have an excellent flood policy and the right type and level of protection for your Tucson, AZ area home, The Insurance House can help. Reach out to us today, and we’ll work with you on a policy that gives you all the value and protection you want and deserve.

What Arizona families need to know about life insurance

If you and your family live in the Tucson, AZ metro area, it’s time to contact the team at The Insurance House. We provide all lines of insurance, including a range of life policy types. If it’s time to protect your family, give us a call today.

Understanding life insurance in Arizona

When it comes to life insurance, choosing the policy that is right for your family’s needs can seem confusing, and even stressful at times. There are a few basics that can help you make the right decision. For example, how much coverage do you need? The answer to this question often hinges on:

  • the current financial situation of your family
  • whether both spouses work outside the home
  • the age of your children
  • the level of financial security that you want your survivors to enjoy

Family status can factor quite a lot into determining how much and what type of life insurance you may need. Adults who do not have children, or those with grown children, may only need a policy to cover burial expenses. Others may have young children and want to make sure that they are provided for, no matter what the future may hold.

It’s important to calculate the correct policy amount for your specific situation, bearing in mind that the amount of appropriate coverage can change over time.

Other considerations include choosing the type of policy, which will also depend on your future needs.

We can help you protect your family

The Insurance House is proud to serve the insurance needs of the greater Tucson, AZ metro area. We strive to deliver excellence in all that we do! If you are looking for a partner to help you protect your family, call or stop by today!

Detailed Facts Regarding Bonds Insurance

The Insurance House is proud to serve the Tucson, AZ community. For over 50 years, we have helped our clients obtain coverage that aligns with their unique needs. We work with multiple carriers throughout the state. This allows us to assist people regardless of their situations.

We look forward to serving you with integrity and excellent customer service.

Facts about Bond Insurance

As a Tucson, AZ investor, you’re constantly looking for new opportunities that allow you to maximize your return. Bonds insurance acts as a safety net. Bonds insurance protects you by securing the repayment of your capital and interest in the event of a default. If you are an issuer, adding bonds insurance can help attract new investors while enhancing your credit score. There are multiple benefits to this type of insurance.

As you pursue different opportunities, you’ll assess the creditworthiness of the person in whose project you plan to invest. If they have a lower credit rating, that is a clear sign that you would be making a high-risk investment. Volatile investments reduce the chances of you being able to receive full value on your return. Bonds insurance ensures that you will receive the appropriate return on your investment even if the issuer defaults.

If you are planning to issue a bond, having insurance prevents you from being held liable if your investors pursue legal action. Bonds insurance can prevent you from losing everything and damaging your reputation. Bonds insurance is generally mandatory during investments made between public and private companies.

The Insurance House Will Help You Protect Your Investment

Contact our office to learn more information about bonds insurance.

Considering umbrella insurance for your AZ business?

Residents in the greater Tucson, AZ area can count on The Insurance House for all of their commercial insurance needs. If you own a local business and want to ensure that you have the right coverage, schedule a consultation today!

Benefits of commercial umbrella insurance

The most significant benefit of commercial umbrella insurance is the additional protection that it provides. Commercial and property insurance policies typically come with policy limits. This means that once your limit is reached and the policy is exhausted, the business owners are likely responsible for any additional losses.

When there is an umbrella policy in place, it moves into the primary position when the commercial policy is maxed out. Therefore, when there is an umbrella policy in place, coverage can shift seamlessly from the original commercial policy to the umbrella policy.

If you are unsure if your current commercial policy provides the coverage your company needs, now is a perfect time to review your policy. As a company grows and becomes more valuable, it is quite common that its insurance needs will also grow. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your business doesn’t have the protection it needs!

Meeting with your local agent is an effective way to review your current coverage and compare it to your current needs. In fact, we find it advisable for business owners to have an insurance portfolio review at least once a year.

Don’t delay, protect your business today!

The Insurance House team is here to help the business community of Tucson, AZ with all of its insurance needs. If you would like to find out more about the commercial insurance options available in our area, call and schedule a consultation today.

Is Auto Insurance Required in Arizona?

Arguably one of the most beautiful states in the southwest, Arizona has views, scenery, and gorgeous sites that go on for miles. Taking a road trip through Arizona is a memorable way to see the state – but making sure you have auto insurance first is the smartest way to approach driving. 

If you’re a Tucson, AZ resident and you need auto insurance, The Insurance House is here to help. Keep reading for some important information on auto insurance in Arizona. 

In the state of Arizona, all drivers are required to carry liability insurance to drive legally. Liability insurance ensures that in the event of an accident, any damage done to the other driver’s vehicle, as well as their medical bills, are covered. 

However, auto insurance can offer much more protection than this. If you have family, including new teen drivers, you may be interested in a full-coverage plan that offers a higher level of protection for your most important loved ones.

In order to ensure you and your family feel safe on the road, investing in an adequate auto insurance policy is highly recommended by The Insurance House. Many policies out there may seem to be enough, but they’ll wind up costing you much more long term as they don’t provide the coverage you really need. 

The best advice we can give you is to find a reliable agent to work with, who has experience in the insurance field and can appropriately advise you on what kinds of coverage will really suit your lifestyle, driving habits, and family. 

Enjoy the scenery in Tucson, AZ without worrying about your financial situation if you get in an accident. Contact us today! 

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